Wow, what a year!!

I’m so excited by the response we’ve gotten to all of our attempts to reach out and let you know about our properties in Italy and France. It’s only January and already we’ve booked sixteen weeks at Casa Castigliana between April and October. And while we still have weeks available, there aren’t many so get in touch soon if you’re thinking about a 2018 Tuscan holiday.

Bookings in Duras are always a bit slower and I always wonder why people are not as enthusiastic about the French countryside as they are about Italy. I just love it!! Really when you consider what both areas have to offer it’s quite a similar list:

Beautiful historic villages surrounded by vineyards and sunflowers

Castles and historic churches and architecture

Strong food and wine culture

Boutiques and antiques

Outdoor markets

Nearby cosmopolitan cities like Toulouse and Bordeaux in France, Siena and Florence in Italy

If you haven’t been there, I would urge you to spend a week (or two) in the peaceful French countryside to see for yourself.

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