What I’m bringing home

Each time I visit France I have a list of must-buy items, which, while they may be available in the States, are much more expensive there. Take Caudalie moisturizers for example, here I pay 19 euros and at home it’s $28. The Avene moisturizer with 20 SPF is 16 euros here and $34 in the States.

On my list is always Amora mustard, fleur de sel and “arome du crepes,” which is a flavoring extract that combines vanilla with orange and orange blossom for a delightful addition to simple cakes and custards. New on this trip I am trying French yogurt starter as the brands in the US are too tangy for my palate, also some Moroccan tagine seasoning and some fresh piment d’esplette–a slightly hot pepper that adds a nice kick of heat to many dishes. I also found some sheet gelatine, which will make some lovely panna cotta this summer.

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