Vicini ed amici

When we bought our house in Castiglione d’Orcia we never imagined that we’d be so welcomed and befriended by the neighbors. Where we used to travel to Italy to see incredible views and drink good wine, now we look forward to our time with new friends.

Tosca is always ready for a chat in the garden and her husband Lido offers a head of lettuce or a sack of walnuts from his massive tree. Sergio helps us move, fix, analyze everything and has become an invaluable asset as we navigate the ins and outs of the village. Elina, his wife, is a friendly neighbor who collects our mail and alerts us to anything that might be awry in the house. Katerina, the only neighbor who speaks English, walks by on her way to work and stops to chat. Carlo and his wife knock on the door just to say hello and “benvenuti” whenever we arrive.

When we’re away from Casa Castigliana we miss the food, the wine and the exquisite views, but more than that, we miss our new vicini and look forward to our next visits with them.

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