Twilight in the garden

Our timing has been perfect. In tune with the light at the end of day. We start dinner under the rosy castle, lit by the fading sun, then, as the courses proceed and the wine bottle empties, the magic begins.

As if there was a conductor, in one sweep, the garden’s twinkle lights come on, then with another sweep of an imagined hand, the village lights. Across the way, the other castle starts to glow and finally our own backyard castle casts off the sun and takes on the glow of the dramatic illumination that lasts all night.

We sit in awe. Just staring at the castles. Listening to the silence emanating from that great rock, the sound of cats feet, the tinkle of forks on happy plates. Here, in the calm breeze, atop our hill, we have all we need.

1 thought on “Twilight in the garden

  1. My dream of visiting Tuscany was fulfilled this spring when my husband and I traveled to beautiful Casa Castigliana. I can’t really put into words what filled my soul as we sat and looked at the beautiful scenery and watched the gorgeous sunsets in absolute stillness and quiet. A different kind of quiet, not one I’ve ever felt. Everything I imagined came true in this wonderful hill town from cobblestone streets to quaint restaurants where language was not a barrier. In fact it made it all the more special. The people we met could not have been nicer and oh the cats, how I love cats, they were perfect. We were lucky enough to meet Donna before we stayed at their beautiful and very comfortable home. She is warm and gracious and it shows in their home. I would go back and stay a month if I could. All in all a magical place.

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