Modern technology va benissimo

I experienced a first today. My renters were scheduled to arrive at Casa Castigliana by 5 p.m. and when I didn’t hear from them I figured no news is good news. Fast forward to three hours later I got a one word text: help. I called and realized they had arrived late and were trying to find the house in the pitch dark, which is no easy task in a place where it’s easier to spot the Milky Way than terrestrial landmarks.

Enter FaceTime. Using their smartphone camera and with the wonder of modern technology, they put the camera on the dashboard so I could see exactly where they were. I acted as their GPS, giving directions and a pep talk, telling them what to look for, and when the correct turn came into view, I guided them through and had them park directly in front of my door. We all shouted YAY with relief. Just a few years ago this would not have been possible. We are all breathing easier right now. Thanks FaceTime!

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